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Discover eSurv OEM!

eSurv OEM is the eSurv version designed for manufacturers who want a powerful and reliable VMS and video analytics solution for their NVR and DVR hardware.
Easy to set up
eSurv OEM is higly easy and fast to set up. As it is activated, eSurv OEM researches and identifies the camera on the same network, with the automatic identification of cameras’ drivers.

At any time you can expand the number of managed cameras because eSurv is a scalable and compatible with all cameras Onvif. In case the camera is not ONVIF compliant, it is possible to certify the camera to work with eSurv. Moreover, cameras can be both IP and analog, and even installed in area located far away from the NVR. 

Advanced and reliable
eSurv OEM can to detect in real time whether there are movements in any area under video surveillance, thanks to the Smart Plug-in Acitivty Detection which is the ability to dectect a movement in the area. Moreover eSurv OEM can perform other advanced video analytics just activating any time one or more of eSurv Smart Plug-in.

Accessible wherever you are
eSurv OEM is completly web based: it is accessible remotly from any device with a web browser. Using a smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac, you can view live and recordings and export videos, wherever you are.

Easy to use
eSurv OEM interface is simple and intuitive: no technical knowledge is required. Searching for recordings, export video, view the live cameras, enable the Smart Plug-in: everything is just a click away!

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