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eSurv and Microsoft: a strategic alliance

Since the strategic alliance between Microsoft and eSurv, eSurv is now available as VSaaS also on Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing. Moreover eSurv is the only video surveillance solution inside the Microsoft Technology Center, an experiential center hosted at the Microsoft headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) and designed with the idea to help companies, government organizations, and health care organizations to understand how technology such as eSurv Cloud & Microsoft Azure can be a added value in daily activities.

A fundamental theme within the MTC is cloud computing. Therefore eSurv has been chosen as the only video surveillance solution to be shown. Indeed at the MTC you can be see and use eSurv Cloud, directly on an instance of Azure, Microsoft's cloud infrastructure.

eSurv can be installed not only on physical and virtual servers, but also in a  cloud infrastructure as Microsoft Azure because:
  • it is completely web based and therefore accessible and manageable through a web browser;
  • it is multi tenant: you install eSurv once and you can add infinite instance directly from the eSurv Management Console;
  • it is highly scalable in terms of cameras and Smart Plug-in that can be activates;
  • it needs very low resources.
eSurv can be used also in hybrid cloud scenarios because it allows, for example, to keep the management of the system andits powerful Smart Plug-in in the cloud while recordingss can be "local" on any kind of storage.

Do not limit yourself by technical restrictions of other solutions on the market, choose the innovation and flexibility of eSurv Cloud and come try eSurv at the Microsoft Technology Center.

Are you a Cloud Provider? Contact us to find out how simple it is to become eSurv Partner and sell eSurv Cloud to your customers.