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eSurv for Gestione Ambiente Territorio

Once again Gestione Ambiente e Territorio Spa, a subsudiary of Gruppo Acos Spa, has chosen eSurv Cloud as VMS, to manage the videosurveillance of its recycling depots.


Gestione Ambiente manages the waste collection and transport service for over 100,000 inhabitants in 53 municipalities in Piedmont.
For 4 new recycling depots, it has already adopted ESurveillance, the VSaaS based on eSurv Cloud and TIM's cloud.
Today it has further confirmed its satisfaction with eSurv Cloud, choosing to move at existing recycling depot the video surveillance system made of 16 cameras managed by several NVR installed locally, in the cloud with ESurveillance.
The benefits are many such as ease of management and security of the recordings, since there is no longer any NVR installed.
Now Gestione Ambiente manages a total of about 50 cameras using ESurveillance and can rely on a reliable video surveillance service without worrying about having to manage and maintain NVRs locally. TIM's cloud also guarantees the security of recordings from potential malicious attack and loss, unlike NVRs that could be tampered or stolen. ESurveillance can manage edge storage, so images are also recorded on the camera's SDCards, if the connectivity is lost.
Moreover, using ESurveillance Gestione Ambiente e Territorio has maximum reliability and total availability of recordings. eSurv Cloud is completely web based, so you can view your recorded images in the cloud, by using any web browser.
Read the case history.