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Smart Plug-in

The innovation of eSurv rebuilds the old idea of video surveillance, according to which a complete system is made by the integration of several products. eSurv is much more than a video surveillance management software!

Indeed, regardless of the camera (that can be also on a drone), eSurv is able to manage and also to perform sophisticated real-time video analytics, thanks to its powerful Smart Plug-in. If an event is detected, eSurv automatically produces alerts via SMS and or email, allowing a more quick response to prevent potential hazards.

The powerful algorithms, on which Smart Plug-in are based, are the best that video analytics technology can offer. Regardless the camera or the drone, thanks to its Smart Plug-in eSurv is able to:

  • perform facial features identification;
  • recognize license plates of vehicles even if they are moving;
  • detect abandoned objects in prohibited areas;
  • detect thefts;
  • count people and vehicles accessing to an area;
  • detect stopped vehicles in prohibited area;
  • establish a vehicle moving in the wrong direction.

The activation of one or more Smart Plug-in on the same camera or on multiple cameras (as well as on drones) simultaneously is extremely intuititve: just one click and the Smart Plug-in is ready for video analysis, in real time.

Learn more about all the powerful eSurv Smart Plug-in:

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Abandoned Object

Detect objects left unattended in sensitive areas, for an immediate and effective reaction.

Counting People

Count people regardless of camera, for accurate and timely marketing analysis and overcrowding prevention.

eSurv Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye

The best tool to identify vehicles without automobile insurance, vehicle inspection, signaled as stolen and so much more!

Face Recognition

Facial features identification with an index of reliability never seen before!

License Plate Recognition

The only license plate recognition software solution, which is independent of the camera

No Parking

Detect blocked emergency exits, monitor no-parking areas and keep people safe, with the best video surveillance software.

Stolen Object

Do you want to monitor the area and detect any attempts of stealing any kind of assets, as they happen, using only one video surveillance solution? Only with eSurv you can!

Stop Intrusion

Intrusion detection and perimeter control has never been so powerful, easy to use and cheap!

Traffic Management

Powerful traffic flow analysis and effective safety in a single video surveillance solution!