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eSurv is an innovative video surveillance solution, that is able to combine the most advanced technology with the needs of any kind of scenario. Whether your industry is, eSurv provied the best-in-class video surveillance solution, that meets your needs.
It is a fact that hundreds of customers uses eSurv daily for their video surveillance system, to reduce risk and keep people safe.

eSurv has been developed to ensure maximum reliability regardless of: the size of the monitored areas and its geographical location, as well as the type, the vendor and the number of cameras used.

Learn how the Different Innovation of eSurv has been revolutioning the video surveillance of any kind and size of industries, banks, hospitals, critical infrastructures, cities, retails.


The best video surveillance solution, higly reliable and flexible to keep customers and staff safe and to protect valuable assets!

Critical Infrastructures

The most smart and powerful video surveillance solution, to protect also highly critical areas.


The effective video surveillance solution for keeping retail and shoppers safe and for accurate marketing and behavioral analysis.


The most innovative video surveillance software for safety of patients, staff and health facilities, without costly investments.

City Surveillance

The powerful video surveillance solution for municipality of any size, on budget.


The smartest and most efficiently video surveillance software to protect transportations and their passengers.

Law Enforcement & Security

eSurv as the best solution for law enforcement agencies and security forces.


eSurv has been designed with cutting-edge features that help you to keep commercial property secure.