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With eSurv videosurveillance turns Smart!

Esurv is a 
A revolutionary software for video surveillance which enables both videmanagement and analytics, ensuring fast and functional protection. 

eSurv is Made in Italy

eSurv technology is totally Italian and has already convinced hundreds of customers across the country who daily use it to monitor risk areas, prevent potential danger, make precise video analysis.

eSurv is Innovative

Only eSurv software for video surveillance can combine in a single platform, video management system (VMS) and video analytics using any type of camera.
A big advantage that simplifies operations, shortens the installation time and delivers significant cost savings. Our powerful Smart Plug -in, based on advanced mathematical algorithms, are able to guarantee perfection in video analisys. Biometric recognition of faces or vehicle’s license plate reading, we have a Plug-in for every need.

eSurv is Cloud Ready

eSurv is the only video surveillance software that can be used on every cloud computing infrastructure (public, private and hybrid), like on a physical or virtual server. Storage space will never be a problem: all you need is a simple Internet connection.

eSurv is Web Based

All eSurv features are accessible from any type of computer and mobile devices, without installing anything just with a connection to an Internet network and using a standard web browser.

eSurv is Adaptable

To strengthen your security system, you will not necessarily change the old one, eSurv enables a rapid switchingfrom analogue to IP systems.
It also supports Onvif and FLIR standards, ensuring full integration with any camera (NVR, DVR) on the market, and can also be used with drones.

No other video surveillance software can offer all of this!

We believe in the value of eSurv “Different Innovation”.

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eSurv Cloud
Cloud Ready

Do you want a videosurveillance solution that can be used on a physical server or on a virtualized one or even in the cloud? 

Smart Plug-in

You can now free yourself from solutions that allow only acquisition or only video analysis!

eSurv Smart Plug-in
eSurv Multipolar

With eSurv M.A.R.S. 5.0, the new version of eSurv, the future of video surveillance is already here. eSurv is the only video surveillance software that performs video management and analytics of video streams coming from cameras, drones and Google Glass.

Web Based

Do you want to manage your IP video surveillance system from any PC or Mac, without istallying any software? Only with eSurv you can do it!

eSurv web based
Scalabile eSurv
Scalable and modular

You can say stop to solutions that limit the number of cameras managed! Choose your ideal edition of eSurv!