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Smart Plug-in

Face Recognition

The Smart Plug-in Face Recognition is much more than a face detection. Activating this Smart Plug-in, the video surveillance software eSurv is able to detect people identity, through a powerful real face recognition.

Indeed, the powerful algorithm of the Smart Plug-in Face Recognition is based on facial features identification. Comparing over 160 points of the detected face, in just few seconds, with the data in its own database, this Smart Plug-in is able to identify a person, achieving high accuracy levels.


The Smart Plug-in Face Recognition:

  • it is the most powerful solution for monitoring areas that require high levels of safety, without any intrusive control (eg, fingerprints);
  • it does not require expensive sensors or scanners;
  • it allows to search recordings within the database at any time (even remotely through a web browser).

Learn more about customers, such as Eni Spa (the international energy company) and SEA Aeroporti di Milano (the company managing the two most important Italian airports), using this Smart Plug-in: