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Web Based

eSurv is the extraordinary intelligent video surveillance software which revolutionizes the world of IP video surveillance, because it is completly different from any other solutions.

What does web based mean? First of all, there is not any limitation due to operating system software tha can be used or due to per-seat licenses, that need to be installed.
eSurv requires no client software on the PC you use to access the platform. All eSurv powerful features are accessible from any type of device, simply through a web browser.


The benefits that only eSurv provides are:

  • availability: eSurv is accessible immediately, anywhere, at any time, from any device with a web browser;
  • savings: it's not necessary to have an high-performance PC to handle the video surveillance system, because the data processing occurs on the server;
  • safety: there is no client software to be installed and/or updated. The updates are installed and processed on the server. On the other hand, the traditional video surveillance solutions are likely to be affected by defects and flaws of the client software and therefore it is often necessary to wait for the release of updates and patches;
  • Interoperability: it's possible to access eSurv from any operating system such as Microsoft or MacOS, having always all the same features. In the other solutions the availability of feature depends on which operating system you use ;
  • agility: since there is no software to install on the client, eSurv does not overhead client's operating system. On Microsoft Windows operating system, this is particularly valuable because each installation fits parameters in the "registry ", slowing the boot (start) and the overall functioning or even often creating compatibility problems.
  • ease of use: eSurv's interface is the same on any operating system, unlike other softwares whose client's interface depends on the operating system.

eSurv also was developed using Open Source methods and tools. Moreover it is based on open industry standards. The application architecture is based on LAMP (Linux , Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database software , PHP). Therefore there is no investment in those expensive thirdy-part licenses, which are strictly required from video surveillance softwares installed on top to proprietary operating systems.