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Cloud Ready

eSurv is the most advanced solution in the video surveillance market, because unlike the others video surveillance software eSurv is available also as SaaS (Software as a Service), through any kind of cloud computing infrastructure (public, private, hybrid) such as Microsoft Azure (eSurv is the only video surveillance solution insiede the Microsoft Technology Center), Amazon AWS, Nuvola Italiana (by Telecom Italia, biggest Italian telco company).

All eSurv version are usable in Cloud and exists also a version, named "eSurv Cloud", created for the cloud providers who want to use eSurv in a cloud computing infrastructure. They can combine the eSurv power with all the benefits of the cloud, selling the so-called VSaaS (video surveillance as a service).

eSurv Cloud edition has been developed to be used in  any cloud environment; lots of eSurv Cloud Providers have chosen to offer eSurv Cloud through their own datacenter. An example is E-Surveillance by eSurv Cloud Provider TIM.
This service has been already chosen by many customers, such as for example the city Comune di Ferrara.

With eSurv Cloud, the eSurv Cloud Proiver has a Management Console to manage easily and quickly all its customers which have an eSurv istance activated.
Obviously even eSurv Cloud guarantees a high data security. Leveraging all the available protection levels in the cloud, eSurv Cloud:

  • uses an intermediate level with filter function between tenant and data source in order to make let the tenant sees his data as the only ones in the database;
  • uses Access Control Lists (the so-called "ACL" function) to determine who can access the data of the application and how they can use them;
  • encrypts critical data of each tenant to make them inaccessible to unauthorized users that might get them.

Designed to provide high flexibility, eSurv is the ideal solution also for "hybrid" cloud installations, which takes cloud computing benetfits linked to local infrastructure, on premises. With eSurv, for example, it is possibile to have an infrastructure where the management of the system and the intelligence of its powerful Smart Plug-in are in the cloud, while the recording servers are on-premises.
Obviously eSurv can be used also with physical or virtualized servers trough any type of hypervisor (such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare).

Don't let other video surveilliance solutions limit you, choose eSurv Cloud innovation and flexibility!

Are you a Cloud Provider? Contact us to discover how it is easy to become eSurv Partner and offer eSurv Cloud through your or from third part datacenter.