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With eSurv M.A.R.S. 5.0, the new version of eSurv released on June 18th at IFSEC, the future of video surveillance is already here.
The new version of eSurv enables the management and the analysis of video streams coming not only from the cameras, but also from a drone: everything through a system that can also be used in any cloud computing infrastructure.
Using its Smart Plug-in, eSurv is able to perform video analysis and to drive the drone to follow the subject indicated as default target, without the need for a pilot to guide the drone remotely. Even where the drone's view is obstructed, eSurv does not confuse the "target" with other subjects (or objects) moving.
With the eSurv Flying Box, a drone can benefit of eSurv powerful capabilities of video management and analytics.
eSurv Flying Box is the appliance that, in just 150 gr of weight, is equipped with a small and powerful single-board computer (to which you can connect the camera for video analytics), with solid-state drives for recordings, a router for the transmission of images via 3G or LTE and the ability to directly control the avionics of the drone.
The use of eSurv with a drone is effective for land protection and fires prevention in areas not accessible by land as well as for search and rescue.
At the same time it is extremely useful for borders and maritime surveillance and patrol, in order to identify suspicious subjects and activities. The drone with eSurv can also provide a decisive advantage for police and law enforcement agencies patrol activities as well as during demonstrations.